Dental Procedure US PricesSalud Oral PreferredSAVINGSADA Code
Dental Implants
Surgical placement of implant body.1800700-61%D6010
Bone graft 1cc. (only if necessary).824260-68%D6104
Membrane (only if necessary).420195-54%
Temporary healing denture maxilla or mandibula.1799325-82%D5130/D5120
Single tooth implant Crown with prefabricated abutment.1557700-55%D6060/D6066
Single tooth implant Crown with custom abutment.1703780-54%D6063/D6065
Dental Procedure US PricesSalud Oral PreferredSAVINGSADA Code
Crowns, Veneers and Single Restorations
Temporary Crown.49560-88%D2799
100% Porcelain Crown CAD CAM technology.1200445-63%D2740
100% Porcelain Crown E-Max.1200410-66%D2740
Zirconia Crown CAD CAM technology.1500475-68%D2740
Metal-Porcelain Crown (high noble-metal).1266450-64%D2750
Metal-Porcelain Crown (base metal).1000350-65%D2751
Complete gold cast Crown 1320345-74%D2790
Metal-Porcelain crown with milling guide plane. (base metal).1000380-62%D2751
Porcelain veneer.1200450-63%D2962
Temporary veneer.77975-90%D2960
Fiber glass post and core build up381160-58%D2954
Dental Procedure US PricesSalud Oral PreferredSAVINGSADA Code
Crown and Bridges
Temporary Crown. (Retainer or pontic).85360-93%D2799/D6253
100% Porcelain Crown CAD CAM technology (Retainer or pontic).1450450-69%D2740/D6245
100% Porcelain Crown E-Max. (Retainer or pontic).1260420-67%D2740/D6245
Zirconia Crown CAD CAM technology. (Retainer or pontic)1500475-68%D2740/D6245
Metal-Porcelain Crown. High noble-metal. (Retainer or pontic).1273480-62%D2750/D6240
Metal-Porcelain Crown. Non-noble metal (Retainer or pontic).1187325-73%D2751/D6241
Complete gold cast Crown . (Retainer or pontic).1320345-74%D2790/D6210
Metal-Porcelain Crown with milling guide plane. Non-noble metal. (Retainer or pontic).1187380-68%D2751/D6241
Dental Procedure US PricesSalud Oral PreferredSAVINGSADA Code
In –lays / On-lays
In-lay E-Max. (100% porcelain).1141260-77%D2630
On-lay E-Max. (100% porcelain).1236275-78%D2644
Gold cast in-lay + weight in gold1092220-80%D2530
Gold cast on-lay + weight in gold1192235-80%D2544
In-lay SR Nexco (lab composite).1079180-83%D2652
Dental Procedure US PricesSalud Oral PreferredSAVINGSADA Code
Composite resin fillings.
Composite resin filling anterior or posterior tooth one surface16890-46%D2330
Composite resin filling anterior or posterior tooth two surfaces21095-55%D2331
Composite resin filling anterior or posterior tooth three surfaces281110-61%D2332
Dental Procedure US PricesSalud Oral PreferredSAVINGSADA Code
Root canal treatment anterior tooth.833180-78%D3310
Root canal treatment bicuspid tooth.949210-78%D3320
Root canal treatment molar tooth.1168250-79%D3330
Root canal re treatment anterior tooth.948270-72%D3346
Root canal re treatment bicuspid tooth.1073300-72%D3347
Root canal re treatment molar tooth.1274330-74%D3348
Fiber glass post and core build up.381160-58%D2954
Core build up.30288-71%D2950
Apicoetomy-Bicuspid (First Root) 874420-52%D3421
Apicoetomy-Molar (First root)969450-54%D3425
Apicoetomy-Additional Root487220-55%D3426
Dental Procedure US PricesSalud Oral PreferredSAVINGSADA Code
Simple extractions.18550-73%D7140
Complicated extraction.30080-73%D7210
Surgical extraction.500210-58%D7240
Third molar extraction.500210-58%D7240
Removal of residual tooth roots.34480-77%D7250
Dental Procedure US PricesSalud Oral PreferredSAVINGSADA Code
Dental cleaning and Whitennig.
General dental cleaning adult270120-56%D1110
Boost Whitenning both arch732200-73%D9972
Dental Procedure US PricesSalud Oral PreferredSAVINGSADA Code
Consultation / Per visit$90.00$50.00-44%D0120
Prophylaxis / Per mouth$140.00$120.00-14%D110
Deep cleaning / Per cuadrant$286.00$175.00-39%D4341
Deep cleaning / Per sexant$220.00$158.00-28%D4341
Deep cleaning / 1,2,3 teeth$210.00$110.00-48%D4342
Open curettage / Per cuadrant$621.00$240.00-61%D4240
Open curettage / per sexant$570.00$200.00-65%D4240
Open curettage / 1,2,3 teeth$517.00$180.00-65%D4241
Bone replacement graft / Per site$770.00$265.00-66%D4263
Crown lengthening with osteotomy / Per tooth$250.00$170.00-32%D4249
Crown lengthening without osteotomy / Per tooth$210.00$105.00-50%D4249
Crown lengthening for an esthetic smile / Per arch$1000.00$525.00-48%D4249
Gingivectomy / Per arch$1000.00$380.00-62%D4210
Frenulectomy / Per site$502.00$240.00-52%D7960
Excisional biopsy reduced injury / Per site$380.00$170.00-55%D7410
Excisional biopsy wide injury/ Per site$469.00$240.00-49%D7410
Lip repositioning / Per site$6500.00$750.00-88%
Vestibuloplasty / Per site$1413.00$555.00-61%D7340
Vestibuloplasty with free gingival graft / Per site$2723.00$555.00-80%D7350
Pedicle soft tissue graft / Per cuadrant$928.00$440.00-53%D4270
Pedicle soft tissue graft / Per tooth$385.00$140.00-64%D4270
Pedicle soft tissue graft / 2 Teeth$530.00$250.00-53%D4270
Pedicle soft tissue graft / 3-4 Teeth$720.00$350.00-51%D4270
Root coverage with conective tissue graft / Per gingival recession$1209.00$500.00-59%D4273
Prophylactic free gingival graft / Per site$876.00$300.00-66%D4278
Terapeutic free gingival graft / Per gingival recession$1055.00$300.00-72%D4277
Distal wedge / Per site$744.00$185.00-75%D4274
Alveoloplasty without extractions / Per site$570.00$300.00-47%D7320
Abscess drainage / Per tooth$271.00$90.00-67%D7510
Corticotomy for orthodontic treatment / Per arch$1350.00$780.00-42%D7297
Autogenus conective tissue graft procedure in endetuLus zone / Per arch$550.00$250.00-55%D4283
Surgical Access of unerupted tooth / Per tooth$400.00$210.00-48%D7280
Exploratory surgery / Per area$517.00$140.00-73%D4241
Third molar extraction / Per tooth$500.00$210.00-58%D7240
Simple extraction / Per tooth$185.00$50.00-73%D7140
Root amputation / Per root$418.00$210.00-50%D3450


The whole experience could not have been better. The doctor is kind, efficient, explaining everything thoroughly and very professional. I can not recommend him enough!
June Ludy-klink
June Ludy-klink
19:15 12 Apr 23
I had an urgent issue with a crown that came off unexpectedly. I called the clinic and they were able to get me in the same day. Unfortunately my crown was broken and I needed a new one. This was the right place to come. In less than 24 hours I have a perfect new crown and am back to doing what I need to do. Thank you!
Amelia Yim
Amelia Yim
03:05 02 Jan 23
thankful to have been in proximity to Salud Oral when I first experienced my wisdom teeth pains and trismus (locked jaw). walked in and immediately felt at ease, the dental centre is an immaculate space and the team here run like clockwork. i wasn’t sure what I would be able to find in San Cris so this was a relief. made a same day appointment, had my consultation and took a couple of x-rays, received a full diagnosis in English, honest recommendations, and answers to all my questions as I weighed my options. i decided to proceed with the extraction of only one tooth as advised and the team efficiently prepped me for the extraction just minutes later. the essential oil, gel ice pack, and takeaway container for my tooth, was a thoughtful touch too. i found the prices very reasonable for the service delivered. thank you team Salud Oral, Dr Monica, Dr Victor, Dr Jose, Cindy and the receptionist for your professionalism, patience and kindness every step of the way!
Janice Walker-Szaroz
Janice Walker-Szaroz
21:26 07 Dec 22
Dr. Adriana extracted a back molar. Most notably, was her professionalism and her prompt decision about the extraction. Dr. Adriana provided and an excellent explanation for post extraction care. I highly recommend Salud Oral.. and Dr.Adriana.
Monique Champagne
Monique Champagne
21:09 07 Dec 22
I’ve experienced many, many procedures with many dentists. Dr. PePe was extremely professional and thorough and gentle. I highly recommend him for any dental work you need. I’m flying in from the States just to see him. He’s that good!
Olga Dudzik-Górnicka
Olga Dudzik-Górnicka
18:40 05 Nov 22
Very good care 🙂 2 specialists took care of me when my veneer went off. They were super nice, explained everything and we’re far more delicate than the dentist in my home town. I was a little bit afraid after reading the reviews, but the price was good and they charged exactly the amount that we spoke about before. Oh, and it was the same day appointment on Saturday!!
Lisette Bulle
Lisette Bulle
19:36 13 Sep 22
During our holiday after a fall on my mouth, I ended up at Salud Oral Dental. Very nice that I could visit the same day. Very friendly employees who speak good English and a knowledgeable team that helped me very well, so that I was able to enjoy our trip through Mexico even more. Thanks for your help!
Bent Olesen
Bent Olesen
21:22 13 Jul 22
Great service I got from the sweetest and professional dentist. Was on vacation and urgently needed help. Got a good job done by a highly competent Alexandra. Can highly recommend this place
Heather Ashton
Heather Ashton
15:03 06 Jun 22
Dr. Pepe was as good or better than any dentist I have been to in the United States. It’s a state-of-the-art office with the ability to make crowns one day and put them on the next. The staff is professional and kind. Dr.Pepe’s English is excellent.
Lewis Miles
Lewis Miles
13:11 18 May 22
Highly recommend, especially if it is a bit more urgent. They discuss all your options with you and avoid expensive/excessive procedures. They are not the cheapest but I think they are fairly priced. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Oseguera; he was efficient and attentive. I had successful extractions without much swelling, no dry sockets, and no infections.
Chaitanyo Taschler
Chaitanyo Taschler
15:04 11 May 22
Clean, bright, modern facility where I got lots of attention and expert care from a team of specialists, although it’s not exactly cheap and I have to agree with one of the commenters that I’ve never paid as much for a periodontal cleaning as here, not even in the US. On the other hand, I got a bunch of implants, which *are* less expensive than in the US, and I feel taken care of very well. San Cristobal is a nice and intriguing place to spend some time and I will return in six months to get the crowns fitted on the implants. To the extent it is possible to look forward to dentalwork, I do.It's more than a year later and Google sent me a note that the above review has received more than 500 views. By now I have decidedly mixed feelings about this. In hindsight I'm no longer sure that I received "expert care" at Salud Oral and I have not returned there to receive the crowns. I won't go into details, but suffice it to say that I have no plans to ever return to Salud Oral.
Diederik Huys
Diederik Huys
03:00 02 May 22
I was travelling in San Cristobal de las Casas when I got a terrible tootache. I went to Salud Oral and they where very friendly and professional.
Gaya Abu Feldman
Gaya Abu Feldman
17:42 12 Apr 22
Really good dental clinic, the staff and the doctor helped me a lot and with so much patience!They speak English and accepted credit card.
Anton Braikov
Anton Braikov
19:06 14 Mar 22
Very professional clinic I had a wise tooth extraction... Recommended!
Andrew Creekpaum
Andrew Creekpaum
19:55 22 Feb 22
Exellent, affordable dental care. incredibly clean offices, knowledgable staff and they have translators available upon request. could be happier, 4 wisdom teeth extraction done in one hour for 271$ usd
Adam Roy
Adam Roy
15:16 18 Feb 22
They will not pressure you or add unnecessary treatment. They give me honest opinion and corrective action for my treatment plan. Their staff and assistance are very professional and treated me with respect. The place is neat and very clean.I had a new bridge completed, the one I currently had was 12 years old and looked terrible. Dr. Pepe and his team did a fantastic job. I wish I had before and after photos to post up of the work completed. I am very happy with the overall look of my teeth. And YES I highly recommend this dentist place.
Jonathan Levy
Jonathan Levy
01:21 27 Dec 21
I had a lot of overdue work done at Salud Oral. Everything from cleaning to crowns to veneers to cosmetic work. It was like a second home for awhile. Everything was professional and was as quick as could be. Dr. Pepe is very attentive, listens well, is fun and friendly, and doesn't try to give any uneccsary procedures. His focus is the health of your teeth, not growing the size of the bill. I recommend Sa;ud Oral above all. it is true that they are not the least expensive place in town, but it is all high-end equaipment, Dr. Pepe is a geek for dentistry, and his English, and his demeanor, are excellent. He is one of the two best dentists I've had in my 48 years of receiving dentistry on three continents, and of course Salud Oral is 1/3-1/2 cheaper than the U.S., and roots canals are 1/6th. The standard cleaning alone, which is done by him, is the best cleaning you'll ever have. I couldn't recommend Salud Oral more if you need something done right.
Pedro Ribé
Pedro Ribé
20:56 24 Oct 21
The finest attention, very proffesional, Thanks to Dr. Bermúdez!!!
Ulf Fuchslueger
Ulf Fuchslueger
15:47 11 Sep 21
Great service, very professional, always felt in good hands when receiving my implants. The rather high price seems justified to me.
Berna Avar
Berna Avar
17:37 01 Sep 21
We got really professionally attention. They saved one of my tooth with second channel operation. Them price similar to Europe price. But I felt they deserved. I never heard any rude talk around me .
David Gaydos
David Gaydos
16:04 14 Jul 21
I'm in the middle of a fair amount of dental work......several implants, zirconium crowns, bone grafts, etc. The level of attention and expertise one finds at Salud Oral are unparalleled in my book, from what I've experienced thus far. Not only are the dentists highly trained and skilled, they're also super patient, considerate and nice. I've made up my mind to never again seek dental care here in the US. Salud Oral's team and state of the art equipment have won me over completely. Take the time to read Salud Oral's response to the one poor review. The price of my cleaning wasn't exactly dirt cheap, but never in my 60 years have I had such a thorough cleaning(by a dentist too, not a hygienist), or examination for that matter! Though I was able to speak mostly in Spanish with the team, anytime there was something I didn't understand well, Dr. Bermúdez was able to back up and explain it well in English. He's a gem! And as a bonus, San Cris is a wonderful town in which to stay/recuperate 🙂 Café Selva across the street is not to be missed 🙂
David Spencer
David Spencer
18:46 02 Jul 21
Before doing this review, I waited a suitable time in order to do it as fully as possible:A little over a year ago, I had dental crown, veneers and implants treatment done at Salud Oral, and I am really happy with the result of my treatment and all that was involved.1) Facilities. The facilities are impeccable, they even keep things cleaner than my usual dentist (and he does a very god job), here in St. Paul. The waiting room and reception is very comfortable and modern, and the offices are extremely clean, everything is covered and protected. They have very modern equipment that I had not seen before with my dentist, they made all the crowns for me on the computer in a matter of hours. They also have their own dental technicians ad laboratory which allows them to constantly check times and quality.2)I was always attended to by a specialist, although more than 70% of the treatment was carried out by Dr Pepe, who is a specialist in implants and esthetics, ad of whom I can only say that he is a great professional, obsessed with obtaining the best result possible. In two teeth, I also needed a root canal treatment, which was carried out by an endodontist, as well as tooth cleaning, carried out by a specialist in gums in great detail.3)Prices. The prices are very good, I saved 60% if what the treatment would have cost me in St Paul. Salud Oral is not a low cost clinic in Mexico, but the prices are very good when you consider the level of results and care.4) For two and a half weeks, I underwent several treatments and surgeries, resulting in the complete and definitive transformation of my smile. I have since visited my dentist here in Minnesota for my annual checkup and he recognized that they had done a very good job.I want to sincerely thank all the team at the clinic for their professionalism and care. Greetings to all.
Chaitanyo Taschler
Chaitanyo Taschler
16:14 24 Mar 21
Clean, bright, modern facility where I got lots of attention and expert care from a team of specialists, although it’s not exactly cheap and I have to agree with one of the commenters that I’ve never paid as much for a periodontal cleaning as here, not even in the US. On the other hand, I got a bunch of implants, which *are* less expensive than in the US, and I feel taken care of very well. San Cristobal is a nice and intriguing place to spend some time and I will return in six months to get the crowns fitted on the implants. To the extent it is possible to look forward to dental work, I do.
Nate Lloyd
Nate Lloyd
23:54 08 Mar 21
The dentists and all the staff are very helpful, thorough, and kind. I had extensive work done at Salud Oral. The prices were extremely fair and all procedures were itemized with a plan of care laid out for me after the initial examination. I had a fear of dental work in the United States, but the gental hands and lack of judgement at Salud Oral made me very comfortable. Thanks for the new smile and renewed confidence!
Ingrid Nelson
Ingrid Nelson
04:49 12 Jan 20
World class dental clinic! The entire team is so professional, welcoming, helpful, and friendly. All the place is very clean and comfortable. Cutting edge equipment, I am really impressed. I got two porcelain dental crowns in just 2 hours and a half.
Daniel Noven
Daniel Noven
13:44 05 Jan 20
If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist as a dental tourist, I highly recommend this office. I was looking for a cosmetic dentist when my wife had several broken teeth, and Dr. Pepe and his team fixed her teeth with dental veneers in just three hours, that looks just like a real teeth. During our cosmetic dentistry consultation, Dr. Pepe showed us a bunch of before and after pictures. He really likes to show all of his smile transformations. The color match was perfect. They have a really nice office and the front desk is really friendly and helpful. You can read reviews, but their patients before and after pictures are really the only proof that you need. They show you actual results for porcelain crowns, dental bridges, veneers, implant crowns and any other cosmetic dentist procedures you need. I give them 5 stars.
Danna Lewis
Danna Lewis
15:35 30 Nov 18
My experience at Salud Oral was fantastic. A state of the art clinic! Great service! English is spoken and you can communicate via email or cel phone. I highly recommend this clinic.
Esperanza Pascacio
Esperanza Pascacio
18:56 07 Mar 18
I had my dental implant over two years ago! It was an excellent work in a short time! and the best it is the price! Thank so much!
Ke Pepp
Ke Pepp
16:42 06 Jan 18
I’m not sure that I can say enough about my very positive experience at Salud Oral. In December ’17, I had extensive dental work done and, from start to finish, I was greatly impressed. For the following reasons, I highly recommended this clinic to others:Dr. Pepe (José de Jesús Bermúdez Pascacio): extremely attentive, patient, a skillful and highly educated professional, very personableTreatment & techniques: without pain or trauma, high-tech, cutting edge techniques, efficientAssistants: thorough and sensitive to my needs, technicians on-siteFollow-through: very thorough, detailed and comprehensiveAdministration: accommodating to my schedule and patient when I had email difficultiesClinic: spotlessly clean, well laid out, pleasant, good location
Abby Matlock
Abby Matlock
00:16 28 Mar 17
Had my four wisdom tooth's extracted with Salud Oral. They were very professional and attentive. I had excellent service provided and loved the cleanness of the clinic. Will return for other services in the future.

"This convination between accessibility, cost and international quality.

They do to Salud Oral unique”