The Sumidero Canyon

A spectacular canyon between Tuxtla Gutierrez and the pretty colonial city of Chiapa de Corzo, about 45 minutes from San Cristobal. The best way to see this canyon is by boat along the Grijalva River. These leave from the quay in Chiapa de Corzo.

The Sumidero is one of the deepest and narrow canyons in the world with vertical walls reaching over 1000 metres in height. The sides of the river are covered by pristine riverine forests which are home to numerous spider monkeys and you can always observe (at a distance!) many large crocodiles on the riverbanks. During the rainy season, breath-taking waterfalls cascade down the canyon sides which tower above swirling clouds and mist. The same canyon can also be observed from several viewpoints above the canyon, some of which are reached by short walks through the beautiful forest. .

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